Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So, today i made poems while i was at school. I'm that bored and distracted to even hear the teacher so i decided to write poems and doodling instead of doing nothing. so here it is. sorry for the titleless poetry this is just for fun.

a part of me need an answer
a part of me doesn't want to know
a part of me wanting more
a part of me caring less

one thought against another
we live in a space of choices
two can happen at the same time
the war in one soul



We pretend we're fine
When you know you're dying
We pretend we don't care
When it hurts you like hell


So Thats it. MEH.
btw, Im so happy that i found a friend who likes poetries too! (He even made some) and is soooo good in english too. Horai

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