Monday, December 2, 2013


So here it's like.

There's a girl and there's a boy.
The boy suddenly came up from nowhere and started talking to her like he had known her for a long time.
(When the fact was not. They just simply knew each other.)
The girl pretended so, and they're chatting and calling each other for almost everynight for like 1 week.
They still chatted from morning to night, night to morning.
The girl was confused what she's doing. She just let it flew.

One day the boy told her about his feeling in randomly random words.
The girl was not sure about her feeling and this boy.
So, she again pretended like that was a joke or something, in order to break the awkwardness and see the reaction of the boy.
The boy unexpectedly did that too with a little bit dissapointment.
Then the boy stopped greeting her for days.
The girl got confused.
Did she do the wrong thing?
She's just feeling unsure and she didn't have that kind of feeling also.

The boy started to chat with her again.
"It's been a long time" He said.
Then stopped.
Then he made conversations again.
and like that and like that for like ONE YEAR.

The conversation was monoton
she's bored with all those stuffs.
She didn't fall in love with him but she gave a chance. She opened her heart like an opened door that had a lot of guards around it.

Yet the boy thought "You didn't fight for me, so you're not good to me."  He even wrote that on his twitter.
Then left the girl.
The girl was once again pretending like nothing's ever happened.


"Have you fought enough for me?
Have you ever tried to convince me?
Have you ever ask me out so we could have the REAL talk?
You just blame it all over me.
Which made me looked like the wrong one.
Fuck you.
Fuck you anyway."
                                    - The girl. (the unsaid words)